Bios Boot DK87

Boot animation : Bios Boot by DooMknight87

When I saw that there was this kind of animations for other Android devices I thought it was a good idea to adapt it for my XD. And here is the result:

The text is adapted for the 32gb model and the skelton's LegacyROM, but you can edit it at pleasure.

The font I used: ModernDOS4379x16.ttf Click here to download font

Hope you like it!  ;)

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First you will want to choose your resolution . On the left of the table you will see "width" and "height" . Make sure to pick the right dimensions for your device.

Now pick the boot animation file you need . You will have 2 options. Boot ( Method 1 ) or Flash ( Method 2) . If you are unsure of which to pick, look below.

Method 1

This is the most popular way of installing a boot animation . Just take the file and place it in your system/media . This is most likely the file you are looking for . If you need further help try out our tutorials.

Method 2

This method is more advanced . You need to use a Custom Recovery like CWM or TWRP . It is an app that replaces the android recovery for better options . This will enable you to flash a boot before the device starts up . This method is also used for recovering devices that are caught in a boot loop as a result of a bad boot flash . This only happens to developers because all boot resolutions can be used on any phone , it is just a matter of it not looking right . If you need further help try out our tutorials.


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