Ongoing project

    I am working on the site every chance I get. Mainly I was concentrating on how it looks. I am not going for pretty, just not fugly for now!

Doesn't seem like a bunch, but the truth is I am a tard and things take longer for me to learn. All this website stuff makes my head spin. Hopefully it isn't all for nothing.


- snoochie boochies. 



To Do

  • Re-do GPD XD top menu with banner
  • Have to use template.php for Noob guide or something, the urls need to use node alias so if they get updated the links wont break
  • Same as above for GPD Menu Block
  • Forum needs heavy theming
  • ES File Explorer wifi connect to xfer files
  • Need to readjust nav menu on collapse (when it falls to bottom) - menu too long
  • make a "tips/tricks" page or maybe common terms - diff modes "recovery mode" , "flash mode", etc
  • profile list of submitted content gallery
  • Theme comment box
  • finish live chat description below it- add options for firefox, andchat etc
  • Need to change links to gpd xd tutorials - prefix gpd-xd/
  • Write a tut on unbricking - possible reasons for brick to include: Bad boot, bad firmware - possible fixes : flash  new boot / CWM use Backup / Flash new/ current ROM
  • Better navigation
  • Matching all tutorials on S8's Youtube channel with a written tutorial like this one. (Link)
  • add tutorial for stock tut video:
  • Adding forum
  • Opening site to registration
  • Add Method 1 and 2 tutorials and attach them below the file download for boot animations to explain what boot and flash files are for.
  • Possibly add collapsible block module ?!?!?
  • add summary to tutorials at top


  • 4-10 - I added "What file do i use?" above the download files in boot animations - its yucky - need to redesign.
  • 4-10 - Added Method 1 written tutorial. Need to finish Method 2
  • 4-10 - Added Advanced/Forum
  • 4-10 - Opened Registration for Users
  • 4-10 - Added Security to site
  • 4-10 through 17 -  uh did lots of stuff
  • 4-18 - Redid the menu gpd xd menu at top, moved block code to template.php
  • 4-18 - Added Live Chat to GPD XD
  • 4-18 - Created written tut for Installing CWM video
  • 4-19 - Fixed url aliases to GPD Menu
  • 4-19 - Fixed url aliases for tutorial Head Block
  • 4-20 - Block "which file do i use " is now a template.php - trying not to hardcode urls so they dont break if i change file
  • 4-21 - Added Path Filter - solved the internal link alias problem for Noob Guide