GPD XD - Apps maybe not found in PlayStore


Just a few files that may not be found in market because the updated versions do not support the GPD XD. I will also include any app versions that work best for GPD XD.



I do not think that Netflix shows up on the market for the GPD XD even with the Nexus5 spoof. So I will host it here.

  • Netflix ( comes included stock firmware )



  • Hulu ( comes included stock firmware )



    This is mainly offered for Android 5+ and because of that the Kitkat version may be harder to find.

    RomFlix is a retro gaming front end based on Kodi, its on its own fork so can be installed alongside Kodia (so even if you already have Kodi installed – it wont clash!) – The creator, Marcos main goal behind this awesome early stages front end was to make it as easy as possible to set systems up for emulation with gameplay video (just like Hyperspin). It is worth noting that this project has only been released in the past couple of days and already has some major contributions from Team ZT as well as RetroManiacUS – but is already, even in this early stage looking to become a show stopper!


ES File Explorer:

    ES File Explorer free version has exploded with intrusive and annoying ads. I have found an older version that works just as good but released before it got all annoying. I also included the version included with the GPD XD stock firmware.



    There may be downloadable versions that may work with GPD XD and maybe even work better, but I saw a video that stated the version that was attached to the stock recovery was tweaked to work better specifically for the GPD XD. Since we know everything on the internet is real and true I have included it here. It was on stock rom so why not include it anyway!

  • Kodi ( comes included stock firmware )



    myGica Media is a Kodi 17 fork for older android devices.(4.4.2). 

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