GPD XD - Changing Roms Without Loosing Data

    This tutorial/guide is mainly a list of tutorials to follow in order to upgrade your GPD XD to a different Rom/Firmware without losing your data. Most common use for this guide will probably come from users that have had Stock Rom installed and have their GPD XD setup with all the game roms and emulators configured exactly how they want, but wish to upgrade and take advantage of the benefits of running Legacy Rom. Same will probably be true for users that wanted to play it safe by only installing Legacy Rom 1.4GHz and now wish to upgrade to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz with help of the newest tutorial/guide available here: ( GPD XD - Novice Guide to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz ).


Make an exact copy of your current GPD XD system - ( Optional )

    Now It's always best to play it safe and make a backup. A NAND or NANDroid backup of your device is a copy of your entire devices memory from start to finish. It is basically a perfect copy of the exact state in which you left your GPD XD. 

    This step is recommended if you really value your setup and want the option of coming back to this setup if things do not work out. There may be a slim chance that upgrading your Rom/Firmware doesn't work out for you or you may not like the new Rom/Firmware. For whatever reason you want that extra assurance that in the end you can go back to the way things were. So if you want this backup :

( Skip any of these steps if you already have them installed )

People upgrading FROM Stock Rom ( Example: Upgrading from Stock GPD v3.4.2 to -> Legacy Rom 1.8GHz )

People upgrading FROM Legacy Rom ( Example: Upgrading from Legacy Rom 1.4GHz to -> Legacy Rom 1.8GHz )


** It is recommended that you transfer your backup to your computer, so you can free up memory on your MicroSD card and it also more secure that way. Again not necessary but suggested.


Make a backup of you Apps+Data

    Now we need to backup our apps and data to transfer them over. ClockworkMod Recovery makes a backup (NAND) with the firmware attached. All we need is our apps and not the firmware. We can use Titanium Backup for this. It will grab all the app and any data included with it to make the transfer as easy and seamless as possible.

** Only do the Backup part of the tutorial **



Install the Firmware you want to upgrade to



If the Rom you upgraded TO is Stock Rom

 ( Example: Upgrading from Stock GPD v3.4.2 to -> GPD v3.4.9 )

    Flashing new Stock Rom/Firmware will erase the root you had prior to flash and also will reflash Android Stock Recovery over ClockWorkMod Recovery if you had it installed.

If the Rom you upgraded TO is Legacy Rom

 ( Example: Upgrading from Stock GPD v3.4.2 to -> Legacy Rom 1.8GHz )
 ( Example: Upgrading from Legacy Rom 1.4GHz to -> Legacy Rom 1.8GHz )

    Legacy Rom comes pre-ROOTed but we will need to install some apps since it is a clean rom.


Restore your Apps+Data on your new Rom/Firmware

** Only do the Restore part of the tutorial **



If the Firmware you upgraded to is Legacy Rom 1.8GHz



     You should now be on an upgraded Rom/Firmware and should have all your Games, Emulators, and Apps the way you left them. I tried to break the process down as simple as possible. If there is anything missing or maybe a way to make it easier please let me know with a comment. I hope this helps and encourages all users to use these tutorials knowing that it may seem hard, but in the end it is really very simple. Also keep in mind that the GPD XD is very hard to brick because the recovery process is very simple. If at this point you have played all your games and everything is in place and you have everything working fine, then I HIGHLY SUGGEST you make another NANDroid backup using CWM. This way if you have any problems with malaware or maybe a virus, or for any reason you have to reflash, you will have a FULL backup and you will have a fresh copy of the best state your GPD XD was in.

- Snoochie Boochies

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