GPD XD - Emulator List

3do: Real3DOPlayer (commercial)
x86 (PC): AnDOSBox (commercial)
aDoSBox (free)
DosBox Turbo (commercial)
Apple IIe: cAny Apple (free)
Amiga 500: UAE4Droid (free)
AnUAE4All (commercial)
Amstrad CPC: Droid-CPC (commercial)
Atari 400/800: Colleen (free) 400/800 support to be verified
Atari 2600: 2600.emu(commercial)
Ataroid (free)
Atari 5200: Colleen (free) 5200 support to be verified
Atari Jaguar: Virtual Jaguar (free)
Atari Lynx: aLynx (free)
Atari ST: Hataroid ( Atari ST emulator) (commercial)
BBC Micro: Beepdroid (free)
Capcom Play System 1 (CPS1): Tiger Arcade Emulator 
Capcom Play System 2 (CPS2): CPS2HD (commercial)
Chip-8: Chipfinity (free)
Colecovision: MSX.emu (commercial)
ColEm (free)
Commodore 64 (C64): Frodo C64 (free)
Mobile C64 (commercial)
Vice (free)
AnVICEx64 (commercial)
Magnavox Odyssey 2: VpacApp 
MAME: Tiger Arcade Emulator(free)
MAME4droid (0.37b5) (free)
MAME4droid Reloaded (0.139) (free)
MSX: fMSX (free)
MSX.emu (commercial)
Nintendo (Famicom): Nesoid (free)
John NES (commercial)
NES.emu (commercial)
Tiger NES/FC Emulator (free)
iNES - NES/Famicom Emulator (commercial)
NES-FC lite (commercial)
Nintendo GameBoy (Color): GBC.emu (commercial)
GBCoid (free)
Tiger GBC Emulator (free)
John GBC (commercial)
VGB - GameBoy Emulator (commercial)
GambatteDroid (commercial)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance: Gameboid (free)
My Boy (free)
GBA.emu (commercial)
Nintendo DS: Drastic(commercial)
Tiger NDS Emulator (demo)
Nintendo 64: N64oid (commercial)
Mupen64Plus-AE (free)
Neo Geo (MVS): NEO.emu (commercial)
NeoDroid (commercial)
Neo Geo Pocket: NGP.emu (commercial)
PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16): PCE.emu (commercial)
Sega Dreamcast: Reicast (free)
Sega Game Gear: Gearoid (free)
MasterGear - SMS/GG Emulator (commercial)
Geardroid (commercial)
Sega Master System: MD.emu (commercial)
Gearoid (free)
MasterGear - SMS/GG Emulator (commercial)
Sega Mega Drive (Genesis): MD.emu (commercial)
Gensoid (free)
Tiger Genesis/MD Emulator (free)
GENPlusDroid (commercial)
Sega Saturn: uoYabause (free)
sharp x86000: px68k for android (free)
Super Nintendo (Super Famicom): Tiger SNES (free)
SNesoid (free)
SuperGNES (commercial)
Snes9X EX (free)
SNESEmu - SNES Emulator (commercial)
Animaonline SNES (commercial)
SNESDroid (free)
Sony PlayStation: Tiger PS Emulator (free)
FPse (commercial)
PSX4droid (commercial)
Sony PlayStation Portable ( PSP ) PPSSPP (free)
PPSSPP Gold (commercial)
WonderSwan (Colour): WonderDroid (free)
Z-Machine (Infocom): Twisty (free)
ZMPP Free (free)
JFrotz (free)
ZX-81: Zed Ex (Beta) (free)
ZX Spectrum: Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
Xpectroid ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
Speccy - ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
ZXdroid - ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
Unreal Speccy Portable (free)

** Most of this list was compilated by jweck in this Dingoonity thread : Thread Link

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