GPD XD - How to Install Roms [ Method 2 ]


    This is the second method to install or upgrade your firmware.I do not recommend this method because it is just not as reliable as the first method. I have upgraded firmware using this method a few times and had to keep upgrading sometimes to get it to work. This doesn't mean it wont work for you and at the very worst you just have to keep upgrading until it works. The risks of bricking your device using this method is also very low. That being said some of you may not have any other option but to use this method. This is usually because you may not have access to a pc ( Batchtool is only for pc ) and because of that I have changed my mind about making a tutorial for this method. So here it is, I hope it helps you.

As a side note: If you do get this upgrade to work, it will upgrade over your existing data, and nothing will get erased. Using the first method it reformats and starts you over. So there is a bonus.

Before you get started:

  • Download the ROM you wish to use.
  • Make sure your GPD XD is FULLY charged. ( This is just to be safe- if you stop mid-installation you may brick your device. Then you will have to charge your device and do it over again anyway. )
  • If you are upgrading from your MicroSD Card make sure its a 32GB card or smaller and it is formatted in FAT32. ( Android stock recovery is picky )

Easy Tutorial:

  1. Download Firmware ( Rom ): [Shown on video- time: 0:39] Using your GPD XD, navigate here and select the firmware you want to install. ( Quick Link To Downloads at bottom ) 

  2. Navigate to your Download folder : [Shown on video- time: 1:17 ] Your browser may give you an option to "Open folder" , tap on that. If that option doesn't come up for you, use a file explorer and navigate to "storage/ emulated/ 0/ Download/".

  3. Extract Zip : [Shown on video- time: 1:24 ] Extract the image file by

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:24 ]: Longpress your ( for this video i used LegacyRom and my filename is )

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:26 ]: Tap "Options" ( the 3 dots at the top right )

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:27 ]: Tap " Extract to ".

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:33 ]: Tap on " Current path ".

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:36 ]: Tap on " OK ".

  4. Rename the img. File : [Shown on video- time: 1:47 ] Rename your extracted file to " update.img ".

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:47 ]: Longpress your image file. ( my filename is )

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:48 ]: Tap on " Rename " ( Icon at the top right that looks like an  I )

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:51 ]: Tap in the text field and put in " update.img ".

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:57 ]: Tap " Done ".

  5. Move the update.img : [Shown on video- time: 1:59 ] You will have to move the file to " /external_sd " so that the GPD XD upgrade utility picks it up.

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:59 ]: Longpress " update.img ".

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:04 ]: Tap on " Cut " ( the scissors icon at the top right )

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:08 ]: Tap on " Menu " ( the 3 lines icon at the top left )

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:09 ]: Tap on " Local "

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:09 ]: Tap on " external_sd "

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:17 ]: Tap on " Paste " ( the bottom right icon )

  6. Install update.img : [Shown on video- time: 2:25 ] You have 2 options here:

    1. Use System Update:

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:27 ]: Tap on " System Update " on your home menu.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:32 ]: Tap on " Offline Upgrade " on your home menu.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:37 ]: Tap on " System Update ".

    2. OR you can Reboot:

      • ​​[Shown on video- time: 2:43 ]: Power Off then Power ON - *reboot*

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:47 ]: On reboot you will get prompted to install update. Tap on " Install ".

  7. Enjoy your new firmware! : You will probably want to delete your update.img or rename it as a backup so you do not get prompted to update again. If you dont it will pester you for an update.

Pro Tutorial:

  1. Use your browser to nav here and download your firmware.
  2. Extract file and rename to " update.img " inside " /external_sd  " root.
  3. Use the " System Update " app, and use the " Offline Upgrade " option to install it. If you dont have that app, just reboot and tap on " Install " when prompted.


Special Instructions:

If after your installation you start getting an error message " Unfortunately, System Update has stopped " here is a simple way to fix it.

[ YouTube Video ] If you need it.

  • Go to Settings
  • On the left menu find and tap on Apps under category Device.
  • On the right side swipe left until you are in ALL
  • Find and tap on System Update ( the blue one )
  • Tap on Clear Data
  • Exit back to Home Launcher
  • Go into System Update ( blue one ) either through a shortcut on your Home Launcher ( if you have one ) or using App Drawer.
  • Tap on Settings 
  • Untick all options to be safe.
  • That should be it - Enjoy


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So what firmware do I choose?

My recommendation will always be LegacyRom , but the truth is not all users will need or want LegacyRom . I will try and break it down as best as I can.

Why install Stock Firmware , Or not upgrade at all :
( If you do upgrade Stock Firmware, I suggest v3.4.2 - It has the best gfx drivers. )

  • Ease of mind ( for the novice user ) : You don't have to install or risk anything, or just don't wanna mess with any of it. This is the main reason ppl use it. Simply not being experienced with flashing or Roms n whatnot.
  • Stock firmware is super NOOB friendly.
    • There are pre-installed emulators
    • There are preinstalled games(roms)
    • All settings are generally already tweaked for the device
    • Gamepad that is attached to GPD is already configured for most emulators
  • Plug-N-Play : As soon as you get your GPD XD you just start playing pretty much. 
  • Be Lazy : Let's not downplay this reason. It is a valid one. Why should you upgrade, and who is going to make you? NO ONE. I can relate ( but i am on LegacyRom - so yeh ) . So if you do not want to do anything different to the firmaware, DON'T. It works fine as is and wont break anything.


Why install Legacy Rom:

  • Ease of mind: ( for experienced user ) The process to upgrade Stock Firmware or Legacy Rom is the exact same. Same risks are involved. The experienced user knows how hard it is to brick the GPD XD, and how easy it is to recover from it if you do.
  • No Bloatware: Everything installed in your device by default. Most mobile devices have tons of bloatware like iCrap and samsung device. GPD doesn't have a ton of bloatware in comparison, but with Legacy Rom you have a chance to build up your setup from the ground up. Minimal, barebone rom for your convenience.
  • Optimization for performance: Legacy Rom is optimized and streamlined to work best for the device and gaming in general. Skelton ( the developer ) built the kernel from scratch. Everything has been tweaked and some things have even been rewritten. Some emulators that are more device intensive like PPSSPP and reicast work better under Legacy.
  • Root: Legacy Rom comes pre-rooted. This is a benefit for installing Legacy Rom but is not a big one because the process to root Stock Rom is super easy.
  • Nexus 5 Spoof: Stock Firmware registers your device as GPD XD on the Google PlayStore as it should BUT this may create incompatability issues. This is not because the GPD XD is not capable of running the apps or games, but because the developers of these apps include all of the more common models and manufacturers in their compatability list. As a result some of those apps/games will not install or may not even show up on the market. Legacy Rom will register on the market as a Nexus 5 - a device that is parallel in capabilities but is better known in the market.
  • Full CPU speed: From my understanding, the developers of the firmware wanted to be cautious and set the speeds for the cpu ( 1.4ghz ) lower than its intended speed ( 1.8ghz ). This is to prevent from the device from heating up too much and damage it. For this fact skelton built 3 versions of Legacy Rom:
    • Legacy Rom 1.4ghz: Recommended for novice users that want to be cautious.
    • Legacy Rom 1.6ghz: Runs more emulators/roms at better speeds and runs low risk of overheating.
    • Legacy Rom 1.8ghz: Recommended for expert users. This is the Best Firmware for the GPD XD by far. Most people use this version and have an app like Set CPU or Kernel Adiutor  to run it at 1.4ghz and only turn on for more demanding emulators like Dreamcast or PPSSPP . Just because it is recommended for expert users, it does not mean a novice user can not take advantage of this rom . Read the next section for a guide to help you.

If you are a Novice/Noob user and still want to use Legacy Rom 1.8GHz , I have made a tutorial to allow you to use it safely . Just follow this guide: GPD XD - Novice Guide to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz​

These are all the reason I can come up with. If you have more please let me know.

    In any case, my suggestion is to play with your GPD XD a while, and see what the stock rom offers. The methods for installing new Stock Firmware or Legacy Rom are easy and with minimal risk. Try them out see what you like. The GPD XD is an awesome device capable of doing so much. Have fun with it. The community for it is relatively small compared to the better known devices but I have found that they are all willing to help. If you have any more questions just ask here or at the following links:


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