GPD XD - How to ROOT

    GPD XD comes with firmware preloaded with emulators and easy methods of downloading roms. In all honesty it is very noob friendly. Personally I prefer and suggest that all GPD XD users install LegacyRom and build up their device from the ground up. This tutorial is for those people that stay on the stock rom available from GPD.

I repeat:

This tutorial is ONLY for people using STOCK ROM on the GPD XD device . LegacyRom users have ROOT by default.

Rooting Summary:

    This tutorial will walk you through rooting your GPD XD. Rooting your device is equivalent to having administrator rights on Windows. A few examples of what root can do for you:

  • Remove unecessary Apps ( Bloatware )
  • Speed up your device/ Better performance
  • Improve battery life
  • Much higher level of Back-Up, apps like CWM, TWRP, and TitaniumBackup which will return your phone to a specific state.
  • Much higher level of ad blockage for all apps
  • Much higher level of customization for your phone. Bootanimations,fonts....
  • OWN your device and do with it what you want. Don't let these giant companies dictate how you are supposed to use your own device.
  • much much more ...

This tutorial does not need a pc connection. Download the file straight to your gpd and install. Easy Peasy.

So let's get started.

Before you get started:

  • Download and install a File explorer. ( You should have one already, Stock Rom comes with ES FileExplorer ) . I use ES File Explorer Pro : ( Link )
  • Make sure your GPD XD is FULLY charged. ( This is just to be safe- if you stop mid-installation you may brick your device. The installation is very fast but it is always better to be safe and have it fully charged. )


Easy Tutorial:

  1. Download [Shown on video- time: 0:43 ] Download the from here: . This file contains the root update, and is configured to be picked up by your GPD XD update app.

  2. Move zip file : [Shown on video- time:1:18 ] Using your file explorer ( Mine is Es File Explorer ) go to your default download directory ( Usually /sdcard/Download ). Cut the zip and move it to /sdcard. Instructions if needed:

    • [Shown on video- time:1:18 ] - Open ES File Explorer You should see Download directly from first window.

    • [Shown on video- time:1:30 ] - Tap on Download directory. ( You may have to right swipe first )

    • [Shown on video- time:1:38 ] - Longpress

    • [Shown on video- time:1:41 ] - Tap on Cut icon ( scissors )

    • [Shown on video- time:1:48 ] - Tap on /sdcard - ( this is NOT your MicroSD card, this /sdcard is part of internal memory )

    • [Shown on video- time:1:52 ] - Tap on Paste icon.

  3. Restart GPD XD : [Shown on video- time: 2:00 ] Power off device then start it up again.

  4. Install Update : [Shown on video- time: 2:09 ] "Firmware Updating" window will come up right at startup, or a few seconds after. Tap on Install and your device should reboot on its own.

  5. Enjoy your rooted GPD XD.


Pro Tutorial:

  1. Download File.
  2. Move it to /sdcard.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Tap on Install when window comes up.


It is also suggested you update the SuperSU binaries.

  • Open SuperSU
  • Tap on Continue
  • Tap on Normal


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