GPD XD - Insufficient Storage : Free Up Memory with Folder Mount



Don't be limited by your GPD XD system storage capacity. 

    Folder Mount is an app that will help you move system files from your GPD XD to your MicroSD card that normally can not be moved. This tutorial should especially be useful for GPD XD 16GB owners because of that limitation of only 16GB. Combined with the high capacity MicroSD cards available now, your GPD XD should have enough storage for any game that your little gamer's heart desires. It has been confirmed that the 200GB MicroSD cards work with the GPD XD.

This is an easy and fast tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to free up your system storage.


Before you get started:

  • If you are on a Stock Rom/Firmware - Make sure you have ROOTGPD XD - How to ROOT
  • Download and install Folder Mount [ROOT].
  • Make sure your GPD XD is charged ( Some apps may take a while to transfer )


Easy Tutorial:

  1. Grant Super User: If a window comes up to grant super user, tap on " Grant ".

  2. Open " Folder Mount " : [Shown on video- time: 0:24 ] : Open/tap " Folder Mount " from your home launcher or app drawer

  3. Tap on " Menu " : [Shown on video- time: 0:27 ]

  4. Tap on " Apps analyzer " : [Shown on video- time: 0:30 ] : There are other methods to pair folders but this is the easiest way to find those big pesky apps that take up a lot of space.

  5. Select the App you want to pair : [Shown on video- time: 0:34 ] : If you are using the free version you will be limited to 3 folder pairs. So make sure and pick the 3 biggest apps. I do suggest to get the paid version so you can pair any app you want. Tap on the app you want to pair.

  6. Tap on the folder to pair : [Shown on video- time: 0:47 ] : " obb " folder is usually the bigger of the 2 folders. Next to the folder you wish to pair, tap on " CREATE PAIR ".

  7. Tap on " YES " : [Shown on video- time: 0:58 ] : It is recommended that you just choose the defaults for pairring. It keeps things organized and easy to backup. Folder Mount is just asking if you want to create the folder on your MicroSD card. It is " external_sd/ Android ".

  8. Verify Settings : [Shown on video- time: 1:02 ] : Once everything is set tap on the top right checkmark to verify that everything is good.

  9. Tap on " YES " : [Shown on video- time: 1:05 ] : This shouldn't come up, but if it does just click yes. It will just update the paired folder.

  10. Done : That is basically it. Some apps may take a while to transfer, you can check the status bar to see the progress. Repeat the process for every app you want to move.


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You really great tuts man, keep it up !!


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Thx, I am almost done with the main tuts. Soon I will get to play with my GPD 8)


oh and EEEW I have to fix these comments. They look yucky! They look too squished.


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