** The video I linked shows the process for flashing a zip file using CWM ( Boot animation flash ) . The process is the SAME so just follow it and use the zip I provided instead. **



    Personally I do not like stock roms for any device because of all the bloatware, and the GPD XD Stock Rom is not the exception. It does seem that one reason people hesitate to move to Legacy Rom is because it is debloated and lacks all the noob friendly apps. So this guide will show you how to fatten your Legacy Rom with all the apps and launchers available on the Stock Rom. Your GPD XD will be all fat and bloated like Thanksgiving Day.


Before you get started:

  • Make sure your GPD XD has a good charge. 
  • You need to have Legacy Rom installed - buah ! Its kinda what this tutorial was written for!
  • Have downloaded to your GPD XD. This is a big file: 435 mb


Easy/Pro Tutorial:

  • Install ClockworkMod Recovery ( Skip if you already have installed ) :  GPD XD - Installing CWM
  • Start your device in Recovery Mode: [Shown on video- time: 0:22 ] The process to get into recovery may vary. For my device and many others you have to hold "Vol+" and "Power". If this does not work for you do a quick search on google for your device's button combination

  • Select "install zip": [Shown on video- time: 0:46 ] : Use "Vol+" and "Vol-" to navigate. Some recoveries use different methods to navigate including some with touch capabilities.

  • Select "choose zip from /external_sd": [Shown on video- time: 0:46 ] : Use "Vol+" and "Vol-" to navigate.

  • Select the flashable zip: [Shown on video- time: 0:46 ] : select

  • Reboot and Enjoy.

You can flash this zip over your current GPD XD setup. But I would suggest to make a NAND backup first using: (  GPD XD - BackUp and Restore with CWM ) .


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If you do not have clockwork mod you can download and unzip this file and then install the apks in it.  There are some gems in there waiting to be discovered among the bloatware in this file.


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