GPD XD - Common Questions/Concerns

Common Questions/Concerns:


I just got my GPD and I want to update the stock firmware.
I just got my GPD and I want to update to LegacyRom.
I just bricked my GPD, halp halp halp!

    I recommend installing LegacyRom for all GPD XD users . It is the most stable rom with bloatware removed and it is also optimized for your GPD XD . If you still choose to stay on a stock firmware then I recommend upgrading to v3 .4.2 as it has the best version of the Mali drivers and will allow you to emulate Dreamcast games . The day may also come where you brick your GPD XD and need to reflash your firmware/rom and you don't know what to do . Here is a guide to unbricking your device or upgrading it to a different ROM.

Firmware/Rom Install


    I do not recommend this second method. It's just not as reliable as the first method. If it wasn't for the fact that some people don't have access to a pc and are on linux or mac, I would not have made the tutorial. As it turns out this may be the only option for those people. So if needbe use this method but please read the tutorial through before starting any steps. ( This method does not fix a bricked GPD XD, if you are bricked use Method 1 )

Firmware/Rom Install - [ Method 2 ]

I want ROOT

    Root opens up android devices to all kinds of possibilities . If you can easily and safely root your android device I suggest you root all of your devices . GPD XD is one of those devices that the process is super easy and safe . If you install LegacyRom your device will already be rooted and the following tutorial wont be needed , but if you choose to stay with stock firmware you can still root your device.

Rooting The GPD XD


 I got my GPD XD exactly how I want it, what now?

    I have been modding and installing roms on my mobile phones and tablets for years now . With just about every one I have bricked it , or at least messed with it enough to get it to a point where it is just slow and messy with apps and  settings all jumbled. At some point I had my device exactly how i wanted it and with time it just changed . I recommend you install CWM  or TWRP Recovery as soon as you get the device, and back it up . You may get your GPD XD in a better state and you should backup every time you do . This will enable you to return to that state any time you want . This will also make it so that bricking your device is not the end of your current data and configurations . The alternate method would be to reflash your ROM and loose all your data/settings . So my advice is install CWM or TWRP Recovery and backup, backup, backup . Take the saved backup and put it on your PC in case of emergencies or just grab one of those old MicroSD cards you have laying around and make an emergency/backup/recovery card , and put that away.

Recommended Tutorial - Custom Recovery Install - No PC Needed  ( TWRP Recovery Recommended )

TWRP Manager - Backup / Restore / Flash Zip

Custom Recovery - Install Tutorials

CWM Recover - Backup and Recovery Tutorial


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S8 Recommendation to the New User :

  • Install LegacyRom ( novice users use 1.4ghz and more advanced users use 1.8ghz ) using this method: 
    Video + Written Tutorial Link.
  • Install Kernel Adiutor - ( For LegacyRom 1.8GHz ) For those of you new users that still wish to use 1.8GHz, I have written a tutorial that will allow you to use it safely and easily here:
     Video + Written Tutorial Link.
  • Install ClockworkMod custom recovery ( CWM Recovery ) using this method: Video + Written Tutorial Link ( This step has to be after installing rom because custom recovery gets overwritten on a Rom flash )
  • Install your emus and roms. Get everything configured as best as you can. Get your GPD XD exactly as you want it.
  • Backup your GPD XD using CWM Recovery using this method: Video + Written Tutorial Link  The process is pretty easy. ( This way if you ever have problems with your gpd you can always return it to this EXACT state at will )
  • Enjoy your GPD XD, and if you ever make any big changes you want to keep, make sure to keep backing up to update your last backup.



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