GPD XD - Wireless File Transfer


** This tutorial works for transfers to any Android device from any PC/Mac/LinuxBox. I am just categorizing it as GPD XD for my site **

    Sometimes you can't find a MicroUSB cable, and sometimes you don't feel like finding it. Sending files from your PC/Mac/LinuxBox to your GPD XD can be easy using ES File Explorer and FileZilla-Client. ES File Explorer ( Android ) and FilleZilla client ( PC/Mac/Linux ) are 2 very powerful and useful apps. They have many capabilities and functions available and may be intimidating. With this tutorial I will teach the average noob to know enough to be able to drag and drop files in and out of their GPD XD wireless and effortlessly. Just a tap and a few clicks away from moving apps and games in and out of your GPD XD.


Before you get started:

  • You must be on the same network for you to be able to connect. ( If your GPD XD and PC connect to the internet the same way you should be fine )
  • Have ES File Explorer installed on GPD XD ( free version will work ) Free version | Pro version
  • Have a FileZilla Client installed on your PC / Mac / LinuxBox ( Must be Client not ServerDownload Link


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Easy Tutorial

Simple Connect - No Set Up

  1. On GPD XD - Turn on ES File Explorer FTP: [Shown on video- time: 0:27 ] I use ES File Explorer Pro but this tutorial should be easy to follow using the free version. I would say ES File Explorer Pro is worth the purchase and should be considered.

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:31 ] - Tap on ES File Explorer

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:35 ] - Tap on Menu icon. ( Top left for ES FileExplorer pro )

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:41 ] - Under Network tap on Remote Manager .

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:48 ] - Tap on Turn On.

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:52 ] - Take note of the address under Input the address on your PC:

      • The first part of address is the IP ( After ftp:// and before the : ) In the video mine is:

      • The second part of address is the Port ( After ftp:// and after the : ) In the video mine is: 3721.

  2. Connect to GPD XD from your PC: [Shown on video- time: 0:59 ] - We will use the QuickConnect option for FileZilla.

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:59 ] - Open FileZilla ( Double-click )

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:00 ] - Next to Host field enter the IP of your GPD XD. In the video mine is:

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:11 ] - Next to Port field enter the port of your GPD XD. In the video mine is: 3721.

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:13 ] - Click on Quickconnect

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:21 ] - Using the area inside the red square, navigate/transfer/delete or perform any operations you need to.

  3. On PC - Close the connection on FileZilla: [Shown on video- time: 1:42 ] - Click on the disconnect button.

  4. On GPD XD - Close the connection on ES File Explorer FTP: [Shown on video- time: 1:42 ] - Tap on Turn off

  5. Done

Easy Tutorial

Very Easy Connect - Some Set Up

  1. On GPD XD - Configure ES File Explorer: [Shown on video- time: 0:27 ] We will configure all settings to make file trasnfers as easy as possible.

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:08 ] - Tap on ES File Explorer

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:15 ] - Tap on Menu icon. ( Top left for ES FileExplorer pro )

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:17 ] - Under Network tap on Remote Manager .

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:21 ] - Tap on settings icon. ( Top right for ES FileExplorer pro )

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:25 ] - Configure User Login info: ( Optional ) You do not need to set a user or pass, you could just log in anonymously. I use it anyway, its just a couple more entries.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:25 ] - Tap on Set manage account

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:25 ] - Tap on the Username: text field.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:28 ] - Enter username ( Pick your own ). I used : GpdUser.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:28 ] - Tap Next.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:29 ] - Enter password ( Pick your own ). I used : 1234pass.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:30 ] - Tap Done.

      • [Shown on video- time: 2:31 ] - Tap OK.

  2. On GPD XD - Configure Root Directory: [Shown on video- time: 2:32 ] ( Optional ) If you do not set this you will only be able to transfer in and out of /sdcard - the default. I set my directory to /storage so i could choose between sdcard0 ( same as emulated /sdcard ) and sdcard1 ( same as MicroSD card or /external_sd ). Feel free to choose whatever directory you want. The directory you set will be the highest level that you can access from your FileZilla client. The following instructions will show you how to set it up the same way:

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:32 ] - Tap on Set root directory.

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:35 ] - Tap on the back arrow to go up one directory.

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:36 ] - Tap on phone root or the / character.

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:39 ] - Tap on storage .

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:42 ] - Tap on OK .

  3. On GPD XD - Disable - Close on exit: [Shown on video- time: 2:48 ] ( Optional ) : This is not really needed but I uncheck it anyway. It just makes it so that the ftp doesn't get closed if you exit ES File Explorer ( if started within the app ) , but if you use the shortcut option from the Home Launcher this option really doesn't matter.

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:48 ] - Tap to uncheck the box next to Close on exit.

  4. On GPD XD - Create Shorcut : [Shown on video- time: 2:55 ] Tap on Create shorcut at the bottom. This will make it so you can start FTP with a tap of an icon, right from your Home Launcher. To turn off just bring down the status bar and click on the active ESFTP display.

  5. On PC - Configure FileZilla : [Shown on video- time: 3:09 ] : We will setup FileZilla to connect to our GPD XD with a few clicks after we configure the connection settings and add an entry to the Site Manager.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:11 ] - Tap on Site Manager Icon or click on File then Site Manager.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:18 ] - Tap on New Site.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:21 ] - Enter the name of your connection. I used : GPD Wifi Connect.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:40 ] - Next to Host: type in your GPD XD's IP address. GPD XD's address for video :

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:52 ] - Next to Port: type in your GPD XD's Port. GPD XD's Port for video : 3721

    • Setup User Logon credentials  [Shown on video- time: 3:59 ] - ( Only set this if you followed step " Configure User Login info")

      • [Shown on video- time: 3:59 ] - Change Logon Type: to Normal.

      • [Shown on video- time: 4:04 ] - Change User: to the Username you chose on the previous step. I used: GpdUser.

      • [Shown on video- time: 4:12 ] - Change Password: to the password you chose on the previous step. I used: 1234pass.

    • [Shown on video- time: 4:24 ] - Click OK

  6. On GPD XD - Start ESFTP : [Shown on video- time: 4:32 ] : Tap on ESFTP on your Home Launcher. You can see that the FTP server starts by pulling down the status bar.

  7. On PC - Connect FileZilla to GPD XD :

    • [Shown on video- time: 4:40 ] : Click on the little down arrow next to the Site Manager icon.

    • [Shown on video- time: 4:42 ] : Click on the new connection you created earlier. The connection I created was : GPD Wifi Connect.

  8. On PC - Navigate / Move / Copy / Delete Files : [Shown on video- time: 4:45 ] : This is what we worked to do in the tutorial. You are now connected to your GPD XD. Transfer or modify the files as you need.

  9. On PC - Close FileZilla Connection : [Shown on video- time: 4:54 ] : Click on the Disconnect icon.

  10. On GPD XD - Close ESFTP Connection : [Shown on video- time: 4:58 ] : Pull down the status bar and tap on the ES FTP Server Started display to turn off the server then tap on Stop.


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ES File Explorer:

FileZilla Client: ( You MUST use Client - NOT Server )



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