How to Install A Custom Boot Animation [ METHOD 1 ]



Flash Boot Button Method 1 Summary:

    A boot animation is the video that plays at the start up of your device. Most devices come with a stock boot that has the manufacturer's logo or maybe mobile provider logo. This tutorial shows you how to install a custom boot animation on to your mobile android device. I use a GPD XD device in the video but the methods will still work on any android device.

    There are 2 main methods of installing a boot animation. This is Method 1. This method is the most popular way of changing your boot. It breaks down to just taking a new boot zip and replacing the current boot zip inside of system/media on the root of your device.

Before you get started:

Easy Tutorial:

  1. Turn on Root to ES File Explorer: [Shown on video- time: 0:29 ] For this video I am using ES File Explorer.To paste the boot file into your system files you will need root privileges. To give the file explorer the right privileges you will:

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:31 ] - Tap on ES File Explorer

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:35 ] - Tap on Menu icon. ( Top left for ES FileExplorer pro )

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:43 ] - Tap on Tools.

    • [Shown on video- time: 0:50 ] - Tap on Root Explorer. ( You should see it toggle to on position )

  2. Back up boot: [Shown on video- time: 1:03 ] - ( Optional ) It's always good practice to back up. If you have exited ES File Explorer, go back into it. Then:

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:06 ] - Tap on the "/" (root folder) icon at the top left.

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:15 ] - Find the system directory and tap on it.

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:23 ] - Find the media directory and tap on it.

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:28 ] - Find the file and longpress it. ( If you do not have that file you may not be set up to use these boot animations. You may have to do further reading on your device)

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:39 ] - Tap on the " I  " ( Rename ) icon.

    • [Shown on video- time: 1:45 ] - Rename the file to something else. I use but a lot of people rename to

  3. Download New Boot: [Shown on video- time: 2:05 ] Since this video was made, I have put up this website. So feel free to get your boot animations here. Direct link to the boot gallery here is : This is METHOD 1 so make sure and get the Button image

  4. Rename new boot: [Shown on video- time: 2:33 ] : ( Optional ) Don't need to do this step if your filename was downloaded as Open ES FileExplorer and:

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:38 ] - Find and tap on Download directory and tap on it. ( for free ES FileExplorer you have to right swipe once I think )

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:41 ] - Find and longpress on your new boot file. ( for the video it is )

    • [Shown on video- time: 2.45 ] - Tap on the " I  " ( Rename ) icon.

    • [Shown on video- time: 2:51 ] - Rename the file to . ** Exact spelling ** Case sensative **

  5. Move new boot: [Shown on video- time: 3:00 ] - Now you need to move the boot into place. To do that you:

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:00 ] - Longpress your new file.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:05 ] - Tap on Cut ( scissors ) icon.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:10 ] - Tap on the "/" (root folder) icon at the top left.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:16 ] - Find the system directory and tap on it.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:22 ] - Find the media directory and tap on it.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:30 ] - Tap on Paste. Should be top right or a big blue icon at the lower right.

  6. Give new boot privileges: [Shown on video- time: 3:39 ] - In order for it to boot up properly it has to have the right privileges. To do that you:

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:39 ] - Longpress your new file.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:42 ] - Longpress your new Options icon. ( 3 vertical dots - upper right )

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:48 ] - Tap on Properties.

    • [Shown on video- time: 3:55 ] - Next to Permissions tap on Change

    • [Shown on video- time: 4:01 ] - The proper permission is rw-r-r but I always just check them all smiley.

    • [Shown on video- time: 4:04 ] - Tap on OK.

  7. Enjoy your new Boot


Pro Tutorial:

  1. (Optional) Backup your current boot animation. ( Located at system/media )
  2. Download and rename your new boot to
  3. Move it to system/media
  4. Give the new boot the right privileges : rw-r-r (I just give it full permissions)
  5. Enjoy



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