How to Install A Custom Boot Animation [ METHOD 2 ]




Flash Boot Button Method 2 Summary:

    A boot animation is the video that plays at the start up of your device. Most devices come with a stock boot that has the manufacturer's logo or maybe mobile provider logo. This tutorial shows you how to install a custom boot animation on to your mobile android device. I use a GPD XD device in the video and CWM Custom Recovery, but the methods will still work on any android device.

    There are 2 main methods of installing a boot animation. Thiis is Method 2. This method is is generally used by advanced users. You install the boot animation by flashing the zip using a custom recovery like ClockWorkMod or TWRP recovery. Installing a bad or corrupted boot animation from a questionable site may result in putting your device in a boot loop ( device will go to boot, then restart ). This method will restore your phone's bootup as long as you flash a boot you know that works.


Before you get started:

  • Your device has to be Rooted
  • You need a Custom Recovery installed - I use CWM Recovery in video
  • Have a Flashable zip on the root of your sd card ( Directly inside the card - not inside any other folder ) . If you are unsure if it is a Flashable zip, open it up and check :
    • ​if there are 2 directories inside it : "META-INF" and "system" . Then you have a Flashable zip.
    • if at first opening the zip you see any folders named "part0" or have "part" in name then you do not have a Flashable zip. It is a regulart boot zip. 
  • Start with your device completely powered off.


Easy/Pro Tutorial:

  1. Start your device in Recovery Mode: [Shown on video- time: 0:22 ] The process to get into recovery may vary. For my device and many others you have to hold "Vol+" and "Power". If this does not work for you do a quick search on google for your device's button combination

  2. Select "install zip": [Shown on video- time: 0:46 ] : Use "Vol+" and "Vol-" to navigate. Some recoveries use different methods to navigate including some with touch capabilities.

  3. Select "choose zip from /external_sd": [Shown on video- time: 0:46 ] : Use "Vol+" and "Vol-" to navigate.

  4. Select the flashable zip: [Shown on video- time: 0:46 ] : In this video I used the file [Flashableboot] Wait until it finishes installing.

  5. Reboot and Enjoy.


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