GPD XD - Wireless File Transfer

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** This tutorial works for transfers to any Android device from any PC/Mac/LinuxBox. I am just categorizing it as GPD XD for my site **

    Sometimes you can't find a MicroUSB cable, and sometimes you don't feel like finding it. Sending files from your PC/Mac/LinuxBox to your GPD XD can be easy using ES File Explorer and FileZilla-Client. ES File Explorer ( Android ) and FilleZilla client ( PC/Mac/Linux ) are 2 very powerful and useful apps. They have many capabilities and functions available and may be intimidating. With this tutorial I will teach the average noob to know enough to be able to drag and drop files in and out of your GPD XD wireless and effortlessly. Just a tap and a few clicks away from moving apps and games in and out of your GPD XD.

GPD XD - Insufficient Storage : Free Up Memory with Folder Mount

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Don't be limited by your GPD XD system storage capacity. 

    Folder Mount is an app that will help you move system files from your GPD XD to your MicroSD card that normally can not be moved. This tutorial should especially be useful for GPD XD 16GB owners because of that limitation of only 16GB. Combined with the high capacity MicroSD cards available now, your GPD XD should have enough storage for any game that your little gamer's heart desires. It has been confirmed that the 200GB MicroSD cards work with the GPD XD.

This is an easy and fast tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to free up your system storage.

** You must be ROOTed **


Personally I do not like stock roms for any device because of all the bloatware, and the GPD XD Stock Rom is not the exception. It does seem that one reason people hesitate to move to Legacy Rom is because it is debloated and lacks all the noob friendly apps. So this guide will show you how to fatten your Legacy Rom with all the apps and launchers available on the Stock Rom. Your GPD XD will be all fat and bloated like Thanksgiving Day.

GPD XD - Changing Roms Without Loosing Data

    This tutorial/guide is mainly a list of tutorials to follow in order to upgrade your GPD XD to a different Rom/Firmware without losing your data. Most common use for this guide will probably come from users that have had Stock Rom installed and have their GPD XD setup with all the game roms and emulators configured exactly how they want, but wish to upgrade and take advantage of the benefits of running Legacy Rom. Same will probably be true for users that wanted to play it safe by only installing Legacy Rom 1.4GHz and now wish to upgrade to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz with help of the newest tutorial/guide available here: ( GPD XD - Novice Guide to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz ).

GPD XD - BackUp and Restore with Titanium Backup

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Titanium Backup is a wonderful app with many many features. This video is not made for everyday maintenance for your GPD XD. It is focused mainly on people who want to change their Rom/Firmware and want to keep their apps and data. You could upgrade from Stock to newer Stock or from Stock to Legacy Rom or whatever the combination.

** Do not try to move system apps from rom to rom as they are configured to work for that specific Rom/Firmware. **

GPD XD - Novice Guide to Legacy Rom 1.8GHz

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So you are a Novice/Noob user and still want to take advantage of the power of Legacy Rom 1.8GHz.

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing Kernel Adiutor on top of your Legacy Rom 1.8GHz upgrade.

Why Legacy Rom 1.8GHz?

    Because it is the best firmware for your device hands down. Best performance for your emulators, android games and just overall app usage.

Why Kernel Adiutor ?

    Because it enables the Novice/Noob user take full advantage of all the benfits that Legacy Rom 1.8GHz has to offer. The app makes switching between cpu frequencies Noob Friendly to minimize the risk of overworking your GPD XD.

GPD XD - How to Install Roms [ Method 2 ]

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    This is the second method to install or upgrade your firmware.I do not recommend this method because it is just not as reliable as the first method. I have upgraded firmware using this method a few times and had to keep reupgrading sometimes to get it to work. This doesn't mean it wont work for you and at the very worst you just have to keep upgrading until it works. The risks of bricking your device using this method is also very low. That being said some of you may not have any other option but to use this method. This is usually because you may not have access to a pc ( Batchtool is only for pc ) and because of that I have changed my mind about making a tutorial for this method. So here it is, I hope it helps you.

As a side note: If you do get this upgrade to work, it will upgrade over your existing data, and nothing will get erased. Using the first method it reformats and starts you over. So there is a bonus.