GPD XD - How to ROOT

[ Video Included ]

    This tutorial will walk you through rooting your GPD XD. Rooting your device is equivalent to having administrator rights on Windows. A few examples of what root can do for you:

  • Much higher level of Back-Up, apps like CWM, TWRP, and TitaniumBackup which will return your phone to a specific state.
  • Speed up your device/ Better performance
  • Improve battery life
  • much much more ...

GPD XD - Common Questions/Concerns

    This Guide/Tutorial basically helps the new GPD XD user answer the most common questions starting with, I just bought my GPD XD, Now what?

Some questions/concerns answered here:

I just got my GPD and I want to update the stock firmware.
I just got my GPD and I want to update to LegacyRom.
I just bricked my GPD, halp halp halp!
How do I root?
I got my GPD XD exactly how I want it, what now?



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